Our Mission

We want to extend the accesibility of cytometry measurements.
From rare-events, to complex biomarker detection.

  • Sensitivity

    By using sCMOS cameras, we achieve increased sensitivity, down to single-molecules. Ideal for the detection of biomarkers with low abundances.

  • Throughput

    Our parallel detection geometry allows us to keep flow-rates similar to those of a flow-cytometer. Forget about the tedious enrichment steps.

  • Low maintenance

    Our no-flow technology is more robust, compact, and simpler to maintain.

Join our early-access program

We are working with selected partners to bring the technology to the next level. If you are facing challenges detecting biomarkers in urine, plasma or serum, or you are working with liquid biopsy, we are interested in knowing more!

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We create technology to solve problems

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